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This course is designed for anyone who wish to start their own fashion business. You will gain necessary knowledge to open and run your brand successfully.


Key subjects: 


- Deciding about brand model

- Outlines for business failure or success 

- how to be your own boss; entrepreneurship habits 


- What is my business type and how to legalise it avoid penalties 

- Guidance and business advice to set up sole trader, ltd company or partnership


- Learn about good business management

Cash Flow

Opening Business Bank Account

Be payment ready

How to create an invoice


- Branding

- How to create brand identity 

- Your logo and brand name


- Types of marketing

- Where to find clients


- Professional product development and brand image

Organising creative planning and designing fashion mood boards


- Fashion Business Negotiating 

- How to apply for a trade mark

- Choosing suppliers 

- How to control fashion stock

- Understanding retail and wholesale price market

- How to price your product

- How to contact buyers


Structuring professional business plan


The course includes:

- Over 90 pages pdf document

- business coach support via email for your assignments

- up to 3 h phone support


About the coach:

Izabela Calik is a business coach and owner of international businesses.


' I have started my journey as a jewellery designer, where my products were selling in boutiques in central London, mainland in Spain, Ibiza and Poland. With time my business transformed to larger scale of international fashion events, where IC Events and @luxurynetworkingic ( produces fashion exhibitions and shows in London, Malaga and Marbella.


Additionally I have been supported wellbeing actions for years what encouraged me to open and run Costa del Sol Retreats in Malaga, Spain


By being over 7 years in fashion industry I have build my knowledge and business connections.


I spent my time with many books, meet ups, networking events, fashion shows, exhibitions including showcasing myself, meetings with advisors, accountants, other designers and webinars with famous brands. I have invested lots of time and money to gained my knowledge and extend fashion contacts with press, celebrity stylists, magazines, buyers or fashion lovers.


Now as an owner of international fashion and wellbeing events I am happy to share the tips with you, safe you lots of time and help you to start your business!'


Izabela Calik


Please note, if you have any problem to download the pdf document, please contact directly to


Starting your own fashion label - online course

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