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IC Fashion Events are trendy exhibitions and fashion shows where International designers showcase their collections, connect and exchange valuable contacts.

The event creates opportunity not only to sell, but to spread news to wide crowd and reach right audience.

To make the events successful we collaborate with celebrity stylists, bloggers, creative teams, fashion buyers, shops owners, showrooms, fashionistas, fashion influences, members of Private members club in London, Dubai or Marbella. 

It is a feast for the eyes where you can spot new global trends, handmade products, live music, entertainment and try delicious cocktails.

We love to work with passionate people and artists who want to deliver an experience instead of just a product.

The events become extremely popular in fashion industry and attracts high volume of guests including top buyers, or magazine collaborations. 

The business has been opened since 2015 by founder and former jewellery designer Izabela Calik. 

'I understand the love and passion what goes into each product, into the creation, how much hard work it consumes.

You are a designer, producer, then business negotiator and a brand -

I understand this process and value of connecting with potential customers. Therefore I had created a fashion network events to build great opportunities.'

Izabela Calk


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